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The iPhone belong to the group of smartphones highest quality and best sellers. Each cell of the brand Apple that hits the market cause too much impact on the mobile market mobile . The operating system that have the iPhone is called iOS , is like the Android to the Samsung Galaxy or the Windows Phone of Nokia Lumia . Can you download WhatsApp for iOS? The answer is yes. WhatsApp was manufactured as

Download WhatsApp for Samsung ATIV S


The Samsung ATIV S is a smartphone manufactured by the company Samsung, the South Korean multinational focused not only on smartphones with Android, Samsung Galaxy or the line is the only one who has to catalog your mobile products, such as TIVA S , have their phones with Windows Phone . The version that runs the Samsung Ativ is Windows Phone 8 , with this system you

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Windows Phone is the operating system manufactured by Microsoft for mobile smart ( smartphones ). It is the successor to Windows Mobile , operating system is not currently as popular as this. This operating system was launched in 2010 and since then has not stopped growing , currently one of the most used by Android and BlackBerry, and gradually the new smartphones opt for this system before others, for its simplicity and

Download WhatsApp for Nokia N8


The Nokia N8 is a smartphone from the Finnish company, another giant success of Nokia, that although it is a phone of early 2010, still continues to market and is highly sought after by many things going for it that has, for example your screen and your camera. The N8 has a 3.5 inch touch screen , this is AMOLED touchscreen and its

Download WhatsApp for Nokia N8


Nokia is a company that is dedicated Finnish, in large part, to manufacture mobile phones .Able to adapt perfectly to the market of smartphones , where there is much competition , creating its own system operating with companies cons, Symbian OS , which then would use to adopt Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone . Nokia also has its own unique operating system, S-40 which was very little used but the few models where it was installed

Discover your alternatives Android and iOS applications in Windows 8


Now there are many shops or App Stores applications for each mobile platform and desktop that exists, including Android, iOS or Windows 8, if perhaps you migrated to the new Microsoft operating system and you want to have your favorite complications of your smartphone presents you AppSwitch . AppSwitch  is an application for Windows 8 that works like