The Social Media goes social science, not technology

I found it very interesting this article  and wanted to share it and summarize it for you. ”Social media myths about social science is not technology” by Brian Solis.

The author talks about the sociology and social sciences, emphasizing that sociology is only part of the equation, because social science is the study of society and human behavior. So we must think of Social Media as mobile behavior related to psychology, anthropology, communication, economics, human geography etc. Because at the end of the day it’s all about people. Unfortunately we put the technology to the people. You know who you try to get your Social Media strategy? You know what you want your customers, suppliers, or what they want to achieve? You analyze? Way they make decisions or how they communicate?

You have to reach a new generation of online customers using new technologies. Studies conducted in 2011 revealed that 77% of managers and brand marketing experts think they know who their social consumers, but they can not really know.

Can not explain why not connect with or learn from consumers and this should change to advance the social world.

The great myth of social media is that it enables your business to build a relationship with your customers-customers-followers.Perhaps part of the problem is that the definition of that relationship in the social economy, is too simplified. Relationships are not based on or derived from technology .Friends, fans or followers are not directly comparable to value. At best, the definition of relationships when technology is the hub can mean only the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or how they connect.

Relationships are not static. In fact they are more dynamic every day . The past sales channel is obsolete and is now alive and is multidimensional.

Consumers evaluate the shared experiences of those trust , and expect businesses to meet their social issues. As a result, do not follow a linear approximation through the classic statement of intent during their decision making process. follow those who have inspired others and their experiences are counted for the decisions of others . A more sophisticated consumer is required to move the static relationships. ‘s time to learn and engage with consumers . This will open doors to new spots which are emerging and those that have come to light. Only then can we redefine the online relationships to express the way that two or more people or organizations are considered and behave properly with each other.

There is a new movement listening . You have to monitor Social Media. It will help the business to a better understanding with those who attempt to reach what inspires them. From marketing strategies to new processes in services, products, intelligence has become the key to a meaningful connection and ultimately increased awareness and relevance. In fact I go further to say that it should be more excited and interested in intelligence and strategy for Pinterest, Highlight and other applications on the crest of the wave.

Once you “really listen” consumer activity and watch your online behavior, feel empathy and harmony. Empathy is the secret ingredient that I refer to the “art” of emotional involvement. ( Engagement ). It is the birth of that inspiration is required.

In many ways, we are now contributing to the problem rather than the solution. There are brands that, perhaps unintentionally, are anti-social media. People are fair share of problems. They are causing a disruption cover based on how technology and online influence. Often people do not know what you want. Here is the place to go. The answer lies in the understanding and empathy . Only then the business will go in right direction. A new vision of customer relationships and experiences.

It’s time to raise the bar. Someone has to.


Ana Maroto


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