Developer: The ultimate plugin for developing themes or plugins

Developer  is a plugin (I shall explain this in italics) developed among others by Automattic. I say plugin because it has no functionality that can bring something to our website.


Developer is a tool that recommends which plugins need to settle for testing or find faults within a theme or plugin that we are developing. Its main function is to show a list of plugins that are essential for our development faster, reliable and comfortable. In addition we can install them all by a small panel based on AJAX.

Let’s see what is the process:

Once installed and activated the plugin we modal window appears as follows:

Genial. The plugin asks us what we are developing: plugin, topic or theme forWordPress VIP . The most common are the first two options.

Imagine that you are developing any topic, click in the appropriate option and then shows another modal window where a generous list of plugins development and also gives us the option to install from the same window.

If you click on the Install button, using AJAX, Developer will downloading the corresponding plugins. While developer,  sometimes gives errors, the fact is that if you then look at the list of plugins, see that you have downloaded. Otherwise we have to download them for ourselves.

Now, in Tools -> Developer will list available plugins and that have been installed or activated:

I will not comment everyone, but before discovering this plugin know some like:

Theme Check : Non create a theme without having installed this plugin. Will give an overview of all the code for our theme and tell us what functions we are using the wrong way or those who are very old, as well as general information that will allow us to improve our theme code.

Debug Bar and Debug Cron Bar : Displays general information and queries executed crons assets.

User Switching : Have you ever had to be doing logout and login with another user for testing with the user in situ ? Well this is over, no more login-logout.

Regenerate Thumbnails : Indispensable if we changed the subject and image sizes are different to the previous topic. It helps regenerate all images laas new dimensions. It is a must-have.

-  Pig Latin : If you activate this plugin will believe that WordPress is broken. All words are jumbled or letters inserted, nothing is understood. Used to check if our theme is ready for translation. Those words appear correctly, it means that we have not prepared for translation. Then I recommend reading this article .

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